Appetite suppressant pills are a widely popular weight loss aid. When you take the right supplement you can achieve that perfect body within a short time. Since you may feel full and satisfied thanks to appetite suppressant pills, you can avoid snacking between your meals and may eat less even at your main meals during the day.

One main function of diet pills is to boost the production of serotonin, also famous as a feel-good hormone. It’s a neurotransmitter that is responsible for regulation of sleep, mood, appetite and learning. When you take an appetite suppressant to boost your serotonin levels, you may feel less hungry due to higher serotonin levels in your body- at this point, your may believe that your stomach is completely full.

For this reason, appetite suppressors help achieve weight loss by reducing your calorie intake in a day since you will eat less and won’t feel any urge to eat heavily.

Hunger suppressant pills fall into two separate categories: those that are available online and the other prescription based.


Natural Appetite Suppressant Pills or Prescription?

Phentermine is a powerful appetite suppressor that is often prescribed to adults with BMI greater than 30. In some cases, it is given to people with BMI over 28 if they appear to be high-risk patients or are ill. Prescription suppressants can be taken for just a few weeks because they can be addictive or may cause some side effects if you take them for a long time. Natural appetite suppressors can be a go-to solution for some dieters as they offer you a much safer alternative to prescription suppressants and can be as powerful as phentermine.

Glucomannan or Konjac Root is the most important ingredient in some diet supplements and owes most of its popularity to world-famous Dr. Oz who have a TV show episode on the qualities of weight loss.

It goes with many names, and you do have many options when it comes to buying it online.


Phen375 boasts of many weight loss superstars such as Citrus Aurantium, L-Carnitine, and Capsaicin.

To find  appetite suppressants that work one should measure the effects of four key ingredients-  body functions, fat burning, appetite suppression, and metabolic rate boost to ensure a fully integrated approach to weight loss.


Adiphene is a good appetite suppressant pill that is a natural alternative to many prescription drugs. With its latest technology weight loss formula, it combines many sought-after qualities:

• Prevents fat absorption so it easily limits your fat-based calorie intake

• A metabolic boost, helps you burn more calories in an efficient way.

• Achieves perfect thermogenesis so your body fat melts away faster.

Green Tea


If you don’t want to take hunger suppressing pills, you can turn to natural appetite suppressor-green tea. EGCG is an important ingredient that can suppress your appetite and regulate hormones in your body. Besides EGCG, green tea also has traces of caffeine, also a known stimulant that can suppress your appetite.

For all natural, herbal weight loss, you can buy slimming tea that comes with benefits of slimming and tea. Kou tea, for example, is a good blend of 4 teas that can target weight loss in a natural way.

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